Contact: Abebu Wondem (206) 328-0404

Cafe Selam Prepares Exceptional Ethiopian Cuisine (Using Organic Ingredients When Possible)—While Infusing a Unique Middle Eastern Twist

Cafe Peace

(Seattle, WA.) – Abebu Wondem, one of Seattle’s first Ethiopian chefs, opened Cafe Selam in Seattle’s historic Central District neighborhood in 2002. “Cafe Selam” translated to Amharic means “Cafe Peace.”

Cafe Selam’s History Garden

The patio garden at Cafe Selam has a long and storied history. What started off as a plain asphalt terrace is now a lusciously-atmospheric getaway. Soon our sign will be a sign of vines! Come and enjoy the flowers and greenery.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The restaurant is located at 2715 E. Cherry St. Hours are 10AM to 9PM. The Menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections.

A Seattle Classic

Cafe Selam is a distinctive member of a still growing number of Ethiopian-owned establishments in the Seattle area that have positively impacted the city’s culinary lifestyle.

A Flavor Like No Other

An immigrant from Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and finally the United States, Ms. Wondem brings a Middle-Eastern influence that establishes her uncommon signature as a culinary artist (sample the fava bean and feta cheese based dish “Foul”).

Good Care, Good Food

A chat with Ms. Wondem reveals a few reasons why her menu stands apart:

  • Injera (the spongy bread that is the Alpha and Omega of Ethiopian Cuisine) should always be made in the traditional two-day method. Our time-honored method of making Ethiopian flatbread injera yields a light fermentation (like a good sourdough) and is full of healthful probiotics. Quick-rise agents frequently used by many injera makers will ruin the nuanced flavors of the bread, and encourage indigestion. The regular and pure-teff (gluten-free) injera at Cafe Selam is always made in-house.
  • As in Ethiopia, ingredients should be organic whenever possible. Using non-organic ingredients may cut costs, but will also diminish the flavor, texture, and purity of the food (sample the Vegetarian Combination platter that features all organic spiced-lentil dishes).
  • Ethiopian Food should be prepared and served fresh. Generally we find that after sitting for hours (or days), food simply doesn’t taste good. Ms. Wondem is dedicated to serving fresh food with good ingredients—using choice meats, olive oil, etc. (sample the Beef or Lamb Tibs platters).

Welcoming, Casual, and Exceptional

In summary, Cafe Selam provides a welcoming and casual environment. Unique food is served at an affordable price that rarely grants one such high quality ingredients and treatment.