About Cafe Selam Ethiopian Restaurant

Set in a seasonal garden patio, or our cozy indoor dining area—we serve delicious food made from fresh ingredients. Daily, we hand-select produce to cook along with the finest grains and spices, all chosen organic when possible.

House-Made Injera

Our house-made regular & pure-teff injera (Ethiopian flat bread) is prepared in the traditional 2-day method, naturally fermented and free from quick rising agents and processed ingredients. This time-honored process provides a superior flavor and texture—and healthful probiotics. You will taste the difference.

Freshly Prepared & Delicious

And because our guests deserve the best, all orders are cooked immediately when ordering—ensuring that your meal is served with all of its richest flavors.

Cafe Selam Ful Medames
Foul Medames at Cafe Selam